Meeting the needs of the child is a key principle in Montessori education and is something we strive for at Avalon. Choosing the best environment for your child is very important. At Avalon Children's Montessori School, we believe this decision should not be taken lightly, by the family or by the school.

The Casa Program is for children ages 3 to 6 years of age.

The Elementary Program is designed to meet the needs of the child during the second stage of development, for children 6 years and older. Within the Elementary environment, we offer 2 multi-aged classes - Lower and Upper Elementary.

Avalon is the first Montessori school in the Beach to offer a Senior School program. Upon completion at 14 years of age, Senior students graduate prepared to meet the expectations of secondary school.

Uniforms are mandatory for all elementary and senior level students. We believe a uniform instills respect for self, for peers and for the learning environment. A uniform eliminates stereotypes among peers.

At Avalon, one of the many benefits of a small school setting is the level of communication between the school and the families, providing a great sense of community and love of learning for everyone involved.